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Asia's largest electronics marketplace

13-16 April 2017
Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

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Link Up with 3,500+ Electronics & ICT Exhibitors with the New “Startup” Zone in Focus
In a stunning global showcase of innovative next-gen technology, welcome to the HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition) running concurrently with the HKTDC International ICT Expo. Held from 13-16 April at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC) in Wan Chai, these two industry-leading events host over 3,500 global exhibitors in a comprehensive display of smart products, ICT solutions, cutting-edge tech designs and unique ideas from startups that will not only define their respective industries but the world at large in years to come.

Start it up! Welcome to the new Startup zone, featuring over 100 tech startups from Hong Kong, the Chinese mainland, India, Japan, Taiwan and the United States in a showcase of great minds that shape the future! Designed for investors, buyers and manufacturers to explore innovative breakthroughs, industry players can easily navigate the latest and greatest in Apps, Augmented Reality (AR) / Virtual Reality (VR), Big Data, Consumer Tech, E-Commerce, Healthcare, IoT and IT services from the brightest minds around the world. Visit the zone and get smart with new ideas!

Startups on VR / AR
Ultrathin Duel-sided Interactive Display
Darseek Innovation Limited
Booth: 3CON-200
SID 3D Live Camera
Weeview Inc.
Booth: 3CON-202

Startups on e-Commerce
HEYCOINS Kiosk collects coins and converts into digital currency
Booth: 3CON-240
A highly compatible and scalable digital receipt software for retailers
Recipio Limited
Booth: 3CON-240

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Related Events (13 April)
Venue: Innovation Hub, Startup Zone, Halls 3F-G Concourse

Developed by the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) with a view to providing an additional and effective channel for tech startups to reach out to potential investors, the OGCIO is hosting Startup Smart Launch sessions presented by tech startups from iStartup@HK Pavilion:

14 April, 3pm – 3:30pm
15 April, 11am – 11:30am
Venue: Innovation Hub, Startup Zone

Participating Startups:
• Recipio Limited
• Cinetech Technology Group HK Ltd
• Dragon Law
• Deown Limited
• Seasonalife Ltd
• Advwhere Limited

Full List of Startup Events

The Future is NOW at Asia’s largest spring electronics event! Collecting over 2,900 international exhibitors, the Spring Electronics Fair is a comprehensive global showcase of innovation and world-defining technology from virtual reality devices to smart appliances and everything in between.

Featured Products
Plug and Play 360°VR Camera
Shuoying International Limited
Booth: 1A-E02
Booth: 5G-D11
DIY Building Blocks Drone
MYS Company
Booth: 5G-A15
Z-Wave based IR Transceiver
Hank Electronics Co., Ltd
Booth: 5F-F02
Kosi – The Smart AC Remote
Kosi Limited
Booth: 3CON-214
Air Twins
Advance Bright Limited
Booth: 1A-B04

We’re in the zone with tech! As consumers demand increasingly tech-savvy products in their daily lives, HKTDC is answering the call with our newly established Tech Hall at Halls 5F-G. Designed with four themed zones, buyers can experience the new Virtual Reality zone, the Connected Home zone, Robotics & Unmanned Tech zone and the Wearable Electronics zone in a fascinating journey and sourcing experience for cutting-edge electronics.

Virtual Reality Zone
The new Virtual Reality zone features a range of VR headsets and related technology as well as VR video cameras.
MAD Gaze
Dragon Creative Enterprise Solution Limited
Booth: 5G-A02
VR Glasses
Shenzhen Vrtrid Technology Limited
Booth: 5G-A12
VR 3D Glasses
Tone Parts Electronics Co., Ltd.
Booth: 5G-A16
Bluetooth Smart Watch
Sograce Electronics Co.,Ltd
Booth: 5G-B11
What’s On – 13 Apr (Thu)
iRobot & iFuture Dancing with Robots Games and Q&As with Robots
Venue: Grand Hall Stage, 3/F
11am -12nn
Buyers’ Forum: Market Potential in Emerging Market
Venue: Product Launch Area, Hall 1A
11am -1pm
Forum on “Everything You Need to Know about the Hong Kong FinTech Ecosystem”
Venue: Seminar Room, Halls 3F-G
11am – 1pm
Best Business Solutions Award Sharing By OGCIO
Venue: ICT Awards Pavilion
12nn – 12:30pm
Buyers’ Forum: Amazon Voice-first Design and Alexa Voice Service for ODM/OEM Connected Products
Venue: Product Launch Area, Hall 1A
Exporters O2O Strategy: Be Found and Get Chosen
Venue: Seminar Room, Halls 3F-G
2017 Tech Trends Symposium – “The Next Big Thing in Wearables”
Venue: Seminar Room, Halls 5F-G
3pm – 5pm
Best FinTech Award Sharing By OGCIO
Venue: ICT Awards Pavilion
3pm – 3:30pm
Beihai Product Demo & Launch Pad
Venue: Product Launch Area, Hall 1A
4pm – 6pm
SMEs and ITs Business Matching <Retail Industry>
Venue: Meeting Room S225
4:30pm – 5:15pm
MOU Signing Ceremony HKTDC and The Science and Technology Innovation Commission of Shenzhen Municipality
Venue: Product Launch Area, Hall 1A
6pm – 7:30pm
Joint Networking Reception
Venue: Small Order Zone, Expo Drive Entrance
* By invitation only

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    Networking events

More Events:

Opening Hours

13-15 Apr (Thu-Sat):

9:30am - 6:30pm

16 Apr (Sun):
9:30am - 5pm

Buyer Registration Hours

13-15 Apr (Thu-Sat):
9am - 6pm

16 Apr (Sun):
9am - 3:30pm

Related Event:
2017 Tech Trends Symposium - “VR, AR & MR”

Take a break from the world around you with an immersive, interactive VR experience in Hall 5G!
intel onsite photo In collaboration with:

How’s this for in-flight entertainment? See next-gen drones in action!

Experience the drones in action at 5F-G08!

Acclaimed names in the Hall of Fame! This popular exhibition space showcases top-tier products from over 570 leading brands in the world of electronics including Bigben, Desay, HKC, Hubble, Intel, Motorola, Polaroid, and many more.
Blueman Technology Co., Limited
Booth: 1C-C22
Hantat Technology Limited
Booth: 1E-A21
Hohem Technology Company Limited
Booth: 1C-E22
DIXIX International Ltd
Booth: 1B-A08
Hivox Biotek Inc
Booth: 1A-E12
VIDO Digital Electronics Co., Ltd
Booth: 1A-D18

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Highlighted Theme Zones
Even with so much to see, navigation of the fairground is a breeze with many different zones, themed displays and categories on offer. All of your professional requirements and networking opportunities are organised in easy-to-find zones to accommodate your every business need.

Exhibitors Showroom @ Meeting Rooms N100 Series
Showrooms across the fairground collect the latest products from leading companies around the world.
Cloud Lock
China Greatwall Computer Shenzhen Company Limited
Booths: 1D-D06, N106-01
Bluetooth Music Receiver
Tunbow Group Limited
Booth: N107-01
Household DVD Player
TCL Technoly Electronics (Huizhou) Co., Ltd.
Booth: N104-01
Ps VR Mono Headset
MTM Technology Limited
Booths: 5G-D22, N105-01
DECT Phone
Binatone Electronics International Ltd
Booths: 1B-A02, N102-01
Electronic Gaming @ Hall 5G
Video Gaming Accessories
Lite Star Interactive Co Ltd
Booth: 5G-D12
Home Theater System
Creative Toys & Hobbies Ind. Limited
Booth: 5G-E27
Home Appliances @ Hall 3B and Hall 5F
Mechanical PTC Heater
Earn Well Technology Limited
Booth: 3B-B05
Animal Timer Shiba Inu/Cat
Dretec Co., Ltd.
Booth: 3B-B06
Healthcare Electronics @ Halls 3B-E
Neck Massage Pillow
Counter International Holdings Limited
Booth: 3C-A07
Plug in Small Ozone Air Purifier
Qingdao Funglan Environmental Protection & Technology Co., Ltd.
Booth: 3B-E29

Industrial Design & Brand Management Services Zone @ Halls 5F-G Concourse

International Participation
Global tech powerhouses are well represented at the Fair’s international pavilions! Regional players include group pavilions that represent Beihai, Jiangmen and Zhuhai from the Chinese mainland, along with distinguished companies from Korea and Taiwan.

Chinese mainland (Beihai) Pavilion @ Hall 5F
Inkjet Cartridge
Beihai Topcolor Image Products Inc
Booth: 5F-D27
Monitor (Great Wall)
TPV Display Technology (Beihai) Co.,Ltd
Booth: 5F-C30
24W KSA01C Series
Kuantech (Beihai) Co., Ltd
Booth: 5F-D09

Related Event (13 April):
Beihai Product Demo & Launch Pad

Time:  3pm – 3:30pm
Venue: Product Launch Area, Hall 1A

Consumer Technology Product Display @ Hall 1E Entrance
Wireless Key Finder
Shenzhen Homelead Electronics Co Ltd
Booths: 1CON-1E, 3CON-060

Highlighted Events on 13 April

iRobot & iFuture Dancing with Robots Games and Q&As with Robots
Time: 10:30am-11:30am
Venue: Grand Hall Stage, 3/F
Buyers’ Forum: Market Potential in Emerging Market
Time: 11am -12nn
Venue: Product Launch Area, Hall 1A
Buyers’ Forum: Amazon Voice-first Design and Alexa Voice Service for ODM/OEM Connected Products
Time: 12nn – 12:30pm
Venue: Product Launch Area, Hall 1A

As one of the signature events of “International IT Fest 2017”, the International ICT Expo is the premier regional event showcasing advanced ICT products and solutions from 600 exhibitors around the world. This one-stop platform for leading enterprises across all industries will uncover ideal solutions that enhance business efficiency and competitiveness in an increasingly challenging world.
The Expo’s events are organised by hot industry topics to feature different themes:
• e-Commerce & FinTech (13 April)
• Startup (14 April)
• Disruptive Technology (15 April)
• Career Development (16 April)
This year’s Expo continues to feature the SME IT Clinic, where experts from Alibaba, Google Premier Partner and hktdc.com offer complimentary professional consultation services on-site to help SMEs select suitable ICT systems and solutions to enhance business efficiency.

e-Commerce & FinTech
The growing prominence of e-commerce has fundamentally altered the way a huge variety of products and services are now sold. It is, therefore, of paramount importance for businesses to stay abreast of the prevailing trends in the e-commerce field.
E-Commerce Solutions
Cyber Infrastructure (P) Limited
Booth: 3G-F14
A platform to allow anyone to create mobile commerce and navigational apps without any programming
GuideLoom Inc.
Booth: 3G-B16
An online marketing+ e-commerce platform that anyone can come and sell their own styles by their everyday life photos.
Booth: 3G-A34

Related Events (13 April):
e-Commerce & FinTech
Time / Venue Topic
11am – 1pm @
Seminar Room, Hall 3FG
Forum on “Everything You Need to Know about the Hong Kong FinTech Ecosystem”
2pm -4pm @
Seminar Room, Hall 3FG
Exporters O2O Strategy: Be Found and Get Chosen
4pm – 6pm @
Meeting Room S225
SMEs and ITs Business Matching 《Retail Industry》

Highlighted Theme Zones
A diverse professional landscape demands an equally diverse Expo ground! With a variety of different industries and themes represented, everything you need is collected in our many different zones across the event space.

Retail Technologies
Smart Film Solutions Provider
Display system included but not limited to Smart Film, Projectors, Motion Sensors, etc, and components inside this system are central controlled by specialised hub to make sure interactive and instantaneous response and (video) displays
Film Players Limited
Booths: 3F-F04, 3CON-240
A software solution that integrates with existing POS systems. It captures receipts and converts billing information into a scannable QR code. Consumers can claim and pay for the receipt using their preferred payment method.
Flexibill Limited
Booth: 3F-F04
iR-Furniture, RX-Platform
Equipped with real-time mobile app, iR-Furniture can capture the movement of RFID-tagged products automatically, enabling retailers to investigate consumer behaviour, customer experience and enhance operational efficiency from the data collected.
Boxland Hong Kong Limited
Booth: 3F-F04
Enterprise Solutions
A collaboration platform that brings thousands of teams around the globe closer to success. It differentiates from personal mobile tools, as it provides enterprise grade features required by businesses, which includes enterprise grade security controls, user management and audit logs
AritaOne Software Limited
Booth: 3F-F17
Mobile Web Platform
Laps Creative & Coding for Business (LCCB), Cloud Enterprise Resources Planning (Cloud-ERP), Cloud Hosting for Business (LCHB), Protection Service for Business (LPSB), Cloud Backup for Business (LCBB), e-Commerce Service for Business (LESB)
Laps Solutions Limited
Booth: 3F-E22
Actatek brand, single or combined access control reader with built-in time attendance software: fingerprint, different smart cards, camera/video, PIN
Jakin Technology Limited
Booth: 3F-E16

International Participation
Follow the brightest minds across the planet that shape the future at the Expo! This comprehensive showcase of unique solutions is well represented by international group pavilions from Canada, the Chinese Mainland, India and Korea.

Korea Pavilion
MediAlarm S
MediAlarm can be selected according to the number of medications. Use of this product effectively improves your taking confidence. If you do not take the medicine, the registered guardian will be alerted so the guardian will know from afar
IoTeen Co., Ltd.
Booth: 3G-A32
"My DONA" is a Financial Management App for small businesses which don’t have POS machines or finance personnel. (Such as small craftworks companies, restaurants, handyman operations, etc.)
Booth: 3G-A26
VR Video Service With Subtitle
MintPot is VR video streaming service with VR subtitle. the user can watch another country's VR videos without any language barrier. The reason why it is possible is mintpot has world's first VR subtitle
Booth: 3G-A28

Winning entries of the “Hong Kong ICT Awards 2017” are presented where outstanding ICT inventions and applications of local ICT talents are recognised. Daily sharing sessions from award winners will be held at the Pavilion. Find out more!

Media Spotlight
Media representatives were given a preview of the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Spring Edition), the Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition) and the International ICT Expo at the press conference held on 21 March.

HKTDC Deputy Executive Director Benjamin Chau (right) and HKTDC Electronics/Electrical Appliances Industries Advisory Committee Chairman Dr Lo Wai-kwok (left) hosted the press conference

An all-in-one real estate platform which provides a range of services, such as mobile applications, cloud storage system, Virtual Reality technology and messaging functions
PowerMew Technology Limited
Booth: 3CON-240
An AI-powered data analytics platform for pet health and wellness
aniWEAR Co. Ltd.
Booth: 3CON-240

Intelligent 3D food printer that can create beautiful cake toppers and other edible ingredients
Chung Lup Packing & Stationery Co Ltd
Booth: 5B-F04
Smart Mirror as the hub for different smart home appliances, allowing users to control the devices via voice or touch commands
Adam Elements Hong Kong Company Limited
Booth: 5F-G09

The DIY drones kit allows users to design and build the drone of their dreams
MYS Company
Booth: 5G-A15
These medical and healthcare mobile apps provide a one-stop platform for patients that consolidates relevant information to provide appropriate advice and treatment instructions
Acesobee Limited
Booth: 3F-E04

Special Gift for Buyers
Collect the 1st stamp at the “Visitor Promotion Counter” (inside Hall 3FG) of ICT Expo and collect the 2nd stamp at the “Visitor Promotion Counter” (inside Hall 5E) of Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition) to redeem a “Trendy Fitness Watch”. Trade buyers must visit BOTH counters in person with the buyer badge, business card and this eDM to redeem the souvenir*.
Buyers who visit the above 2 fairs during 15-16 April can redeem ONE additional souvenir of “inflatable sofa”*.

* Terms & conditions apply. Souvenirs are available on a first-come-first-served basis while stock lasts. Any hand-written business card is not acceptable. Each person is only entitled to redeem once. Exhibitor is not eligible to any of these promotions. Souvenirs cannot be redeemed in conjunction with other HKTDC promotions. Souvenir photos are for reference only. In case of any dispute, the decision of HKTDC shall be final and binding.

Enter the Lucky Draw and Win Your iPhone 7 Plus!
Lucky draws will be conducted 2 times on each of the fair day of 14 and 15 April 2017 in each Fair. Buyers of these 2 fairs can simply take a lucky draw ticket from the promoters at the fairground and drop it together with your business card into the Lucky Draw Box at the designated locations to win the fabulous prizes!

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