Experience a world-class technological showcase from over 3,500 electronics & ICT suppliers collected in Wan Chai, Hong Kong

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Asia's largest electronics marketplace

13-16 April 2017
Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

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Network with Movers and Shakers in Every Direction at Asia’s Leading Electronics and ICT Events
There are endless business opportunities and connections to be made in every corner of the HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition) and the concurrent HKTDC International ICT Expo. Esteemed buyers, exhibitors and distinguished guests gathered for a networking reception on 13 April to mark the opening of the dual event, enjoying new partnerships and networking over drinks and music after a hectic business day.

(front row from left) Toasting the success of the Spring Electronics Fair and ICT Expo at the joint networking reception are The Honourable Charles Mok, Member of the Legislative Council; Ir Dr Lo Wai Kwok, SBS, MH, JP, Chairman of the HKTDC Electronics / Electrical Appliances Industries Advisory Committee; Benjamin Chau, Deputy Executive Director, HKTDC; The Honourable Shiu Ka-fai, Member of the Legislative Council; Ir C. S. Ng, Chairman of HKTDC Information & Communications Technology (ICT) Services Advisory Committee; and industry players.

VIP Tour
Led by Benjamin Chau, Deputy Executive Director, HKTDC, The Honourable Shiu Ka-fai, Member of the Legislative Council; Ir Dr Lo Wai Kwok, SBS, MH, JP, Chairman of the HKTDC Electronics / Electrical Appliances Industries Advisory Committee and other VIPs were given a tour of the extensive fairground to take in the sights and sounds of these world-class exhibitions.

Hong Kong ICT Awards Pavilion
Booth: 3F-G04
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Booth: 3G-B04
iBebot Limited
Booth: 3CON-212

Shockwave Digital Limited
Booth: 3CON-204
Marvel Digital Group Limited
Booth: 1D-A05
Ospicon Technology Limited

Harnessing Resources and Efficiency: The World of Big Data and IT Services @ Startup Zone (Halls 3F-G Concourse)
start up onsite photo
New ideas break through every day, and the new Startup zone is where you can see all of it in action! Collecting the best work from over 100 tech startups based in Hong Kong, the Chinese mainland, India, Japan, Taiwan and the United States, it’s the ideal platform to see the latest and greatest in a comprehensive global display. Esteemed investors, buyers and leading manufacturers can freely explore innovative breakthroughs in Apps, AR/VR, Big Data, Consumer Tech, E-Commerce, Healthcare, IoT and IT Services in this one-stop look at the brightest tech ideas from around the world.

Startups on Apps
A market research startup that provides decision-making platform to both consumers and brands. User can ask various questions to gather opinion via the platform
Votee Limited
Booth: 3CON-224
One-stop research solutions to ensure that market researchers reach target customers and understood about them
Yumtake (HK) Company Limited
Booth: 3CON-224

Startups on Digital Business
SparkAmplify – Intelligent Media Outreach
An Artificial Intelligent media outreach self-service platform analyzing content creators in the internet / social media space to provide relevant / influential storytellers to brand owners
SparkAmplify LLC
Booth: 3CON-218
Corporate Event Management Software
Cloud-based, all-in-one platform designed for corporate event planners and marketers
EventXtra Ltd
Booth: 3CON-201

B4B Challenge
A contest focusing on Big Data Innovation which aims at promoting the development of Big Data business application in Hong Kong.
b4b onsite photo

The most advanced platform to understand retail customers’ journeys, to enhance in-store customers experiences with AI.
Orasis Team
Booth: 3CON-225
The best navigation App for MTR passengers that tells the shortcuts for their journeys. Go straight ahead to your destination!
Pokeguide Limited
Booth: 3CON-225

B4B Challenge: Forum & Winners’ Sharing Sessions
Time:  2:30pm – 4pm
Venue: Seminar Room, Halls 3F-G

Related Events (15 April)
Venue: Innovation Hub, Startup Zone, Halls 3F-G Concourse

Startup, Smart Launch Series
11am – 11:30am - Presented by Tech Startups from iStartup@HK Pavilion
11:30am – 12nn – Presented by KISED
12nn – 12:30pm - Startups
2pm – 2:40pm - Startups
Crowding – Towards a New Generation of Fundraising
Jointly organised with FringeBacker
3pm – 3:45pm
First Step of Going Global – Finding Your Local Manufacturing Partner
Jointly organised with Jumpstart
4pm – 4:45pm
Successful Entrepreneur Sharing – What’s Next: from Corporate to Startup to?
Jointly organised with Jumpstart
5pm – 6:00pm
Full List of Startup Events

Hear Mentor’s Advice
“The startup ecosystem in Hong Kong is getting most sophisticated now with the advancement of technology and innovation. We have witnessed a growing number of new businesses and young entrepreneurs engaged in a diversity of trends and activities such as IoT, software and hardware. Incu-Lab works on incubation of creative startups and strives to help entrepreneurs grow and extend business. This year, Incu-Lab has teamed up with HKTDC to organise Tech Startups Mentoring sessions at the International ICT Expo to offer professional advice to startups and connect them with potential partners, customers and investors. The responses have been very positive. We have met with about 50 to 60 startups here. The quality of most startups is pretty good and they offer some ready-to-sell products and services. The "Tech Startups: Pitch, Mix & Match" session on the first day of exhibition was also very successful, enabling startups to present themselves and have fruitful exchanges with investors. We are very pleased to see HKTDC engaging a lot of resources such as the Startup zone at the Expo to promote the development of business startups. The prospect for startups is getting increasingly positive and their growth can be further driven by the support of professional advice and mentoring.”
Jeffrey Au, Chief Strategy Officer/Care Taker, Incu-Lab, Hong Kong

Hot Picks by Media Experts
Having been to the HKTDC shows several times, I am pleased to see the launch of the Startup zone this year. The concept of startup zone at global shows is relatively new and they usually provide opportunities for tech startups to showcase their innovations, products and solutions to just potential investors. Here in Hong Kong, the HKTDC introduced a unique session –‘HelloReporter Media Pitch Day – Tech Startups on the Rise’ allowing startups to pitch their ideas to local and over 10 overseas media. aniWEAR showcased their contactless solution for IoT and wearables which much appreciated by the media. Another company HAL robotics introduced a unique product for users to automate their supply chain monitoring.

While the Spring Electronics Fair has always been in demand, the International ICT Expo is not to be missed. Among the 600 global exhibitors, India has a substantial presence with 21 companies. NeoSOFT Technologies has been participating for several years, showcasing their offshoring services including software development, website design and web development. First-time exhibitor Clavax Technologies PTV Ltd exhibits their latest software solutions for real estate, healthcare, travel etc; while Hypersoft Technologies Limited presents their expertise in the fields of finance, accounting, stock broking as well as a restaurant solution. Variance InfoTech is proficient in offshore software development offering services to numerous sectors.

Chandragupta Amritkar, Editor, Global Technologies (India)

Booth: 3CON-240
Booth: 3G-F25
Clavax Technologies PTV Ltd
Booth: 3G-F30

HAL Robotics Pvt Ltd
Booth: 3CON-206
iBeacon Apps Development
Variance InfoTech
Booth: 3G-F21

The internet of things ceases to be, every day more, a futuristic technology to become a reality. This is evident in another edition of the Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition). What is surprising at the fair of the event is not a category of product itself, but the size of the market and the productive agility of local manufacturers to put trends on the production line. This is evident from the diversity of connected solutions presented by exhibitors, ranging from gadgets for home to products targeted to the care of pets.

The IoT is the trend of the products to come. Connectivity is a feature that covers the show, where robots, IRobot, 3D printing among all kinds of product for home present some type of connectivity. The Robot and VR segments also reflect this new reality and advances not only in quality but also in functionalities. Reality is now the frontier to be explored by the global technology market.

The market so far, has reacted more quickly to this evolution, after cell phones, TV’s and health products, of course. Robots, IRobot and Virtual Reality, despite smartphones, will also increase their lead in the connected home, which is already a real consumer demand as we can confirm walking around the new area focused on VR and AR added to the show by the organiser.

The fair also shows the strength of categories such as audio and video, which gain relevance in portability, connectivity and design.

Roberta Zogbi, International Agent – Eletrolar News Magazine (Brazil)

Leju (ShenZhen) Robotics Co.Ltd
Booth: 5G-A23
3D VR glasses
Dongguan Mushang Silicone&Plastic Products Co.,Ltd
Booth: 5G-A24

main onsite photo
The field of electronics has experienced a stunning rate of development in the past few decades and this trend shows no sign of slowing down. Modern consumers demand vibrant new technologies more than ever before as electronics become an increasingly bigger part of our daily lives. As Asia’s largest spring electronics event, the Spring Electronics Fair is the ideal place to see this trend in person with over 2,900 global exhibitors displaying innovation, creativity and excellence in design in everything from virtual reality devices to smart appliances for tomorrow’s dream homes.

Featured Products
Car GPS Navigation System
Roadrover Technology (Hong Kong)Co., Limited
Booth: 1D-B14
Night Light Table Lamp Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Alarm Clock and Color Change Mode
Shenzhen Kinoway Electronic Co., Ltd
Booths: 1CON-024, ED-TSO
Smarthome Controller
Smartwares Safety & Lighting

Booth: 1C-A10
Hand Dryer
Good Wind Co.,Ltd.
Booth: 3B-D14
Wine Center Kit Set
Zhuhai Kelitong Electronic Co., Ltd.
Booths: 1B-E10, ED-TSO
3D Glasses
Shenzhen Chifrog Technology Co Ltd
Booth: 5G-A26

Find Tech-Savvy Products @ Tech Hall (Halls 5F-G)
onsite photo
Take a journey into lifestyles of tomorrow at the Tech Hall at Halls 5F-G! This expansive exhibit features four themed zones that reflect modern demand for elegant, innovative electronics including the Virtual Reality zone, Connected Home zone, Robotics & Unmanned Tech zone and the Wearable Electronics zone.

Connected Home Zone
As consumers continue to spend more and more on their homes, technology will continue to play a larger role in the future. The Connected Home zone is where you will find the latest in this field, with applications for IoT (Internet of Things) that control home automation, infrared remote control systems for household appliances and much more.
Outdoor IP Camera
Hangzhou PPStrong Technology Co., Ltd.
Booth: 5F-F15
Indoor Siren
Smart Technologies & Investment Ltd
Booth: 5F-F17
Wi-Fi Electrical Switch
Shenzhen ORVIBO Electronics Co Ltd
Booth: 5F-E02
Wireless Fingerprint and Password Lock
Nanjing IOT Sensor Technology Co., Ltd.
Booth: 5F-G11
What’s On – 15 Apr (Sat)
Dancing with Robots!
Venue: Grand Hall Stage, 3/F
11am -1pm
Best Digital Entertainment Award Sharing - by OGCIO
Venue: ICT Award Pavilion
11:30am – 12nn
Taiwan Pavilion Product Demo & Launch Pad
Venue: Product Launch Area, Hall 1A
11:30am - 1pm
2017 Tech Trends Symposium – “Breakthrough Technologies that are Changing the World”
Venue: Seminar Room, Halls 3F-G
2:30pm - 4pm
B4B Challenge: Forum & Winners’ Sharing Sessions
Venue: Seminar Room, Halls 3F-G
2:30pm – 5:30pm
2017 Tech Trends Symposium – “The New Era of Robotics Disruption” (with Networking Workshop)
Venue: Seminar Room, Halls 5F-G
3pm -5pm
Best Smart Hong Kong Award Sharing - by OGCIO
Venue: ICT Award Pavilion

    Seminars / Forums
    Find new products
    Networking events

More Event:

Opening Hours

15 Apr (Sat):

9:30am - 6:30pm

16 Apr (Sun):
9:30am - 5pm

Buyer Registration Hours

15 Apr (Sat):

16 Apr (Sun):
9am - 3:30pm
Consumer Technology Product Display @
Hall 1E Entrance

Dancing with Robots @ Grand Hall Stage
Time: 10:30am-11am

Related Event (15 Apr)
2017 Tech Trends Symposium

A glimpse into the future of robotics
As technology continues to soar across the world, advanced robotics will become a larger part of our daily lives. Experience a snapshot of tomorrow’s robot companions with an exhibition series at Grand Hall Stage (3/F) as next-gen robots engage with visitors in a performance featuring the authentic version of the famous robot dance step!

Dancing with Robots
Date: 15 Apr
Time: 10:30am – 11:00am
Venue: Grand Hall Stage, 3/F

Take a break from the world around you with an immersive, interactive VR experience in Hall 5G!
intel onsite photo In collaboration with:

How’s this for in-flight entertainment? See next-gen drones in action!
Experience the drones in action at 5F-G08!

Top-tier Names in the World of Electronics @ Hall of Fame (Hall 1)
hall of fame onsite photo
The Hall of Fame is where leading companies showcase their worldwide appeal with over 570 acclaimed brands including Bigben, Desay, HKC, Hubble, Intel, Motorola, Polaroid, and more.

Hali-Power Industrial Company Limited
Booth: 1A-C01
Shenzhen VILO Technology Co., Ltd
Booth: 1A-A13
Wellmade Corporation Ltd
Booth: 1A-B06
World State Limited
Booths: 1A-B14, 1CON-1E, ED-TSO
Camelion Enterprises Limited
Booth: 1A-C02
Letsolar International (HK) Limited
Booth: 1A-D08

Highlighted Theme Zones
Entertain the Masses:
Step into the Entertainment World to witness a showcase of tech-inspired recreation, and enjoy the latest in the hugely marketable range of global iAccessories.

Entertainment World @ Hall 5F
Entertainment World onsite photo
6-Axis Gyro Remote Control Mini Quadcopter
Shantou Xiahong Toys Co., Ltd
Booth: 5F-B14
United Trade International
Booth: 5F-B25
iAccessories @ Hall 5G
iaccessories onsite photo
Dual USB Car Charge With Backlight LED Logo
Techcare Technology Limited
Booth: 5G-F14
Active Touch Pen (ATP-02R)
Golden Right Co Ltd
Booths: 5G-G11, ED-TSO

Blossoming Tech Landscape of the Chinese mainland
Dongguan’s Participation
Yasound Electronic Technology Co., Ltd
Booth: 3E-D33
Guangdong South Hongming Electronic Science And Technology Co., Ltd.
Booths: 5B-D14
Meizhizun Electronic Technology Co Ltd of Dongguan City
Booth: 5F-B22
Dongguan Richtek Electronics CO; Ltd
Booths: 5F-B24
Jiangmen Pavilion @ Hall 5F
Zhuhai Pavilion @ Hall 3C

Feedback Corner: See What Exhibitors Say
“In September 2016, we launched smart USB cables under our Prüfen brand which ensure safe charging overnight. Our smart USB cables features an auto-off timer, a mAh meter, auto-stop against overheating, auto-stop to avoid overloading chargers and auto-stop under abnormally high current. At the Spring Electronics Fair, we are showcasing our smart USB cables not only at our booth but also at the product display area outside Hall 1 and the hktdc.com Small Orders zone. All these promotional channels help us to attract the attention of buyers. We are happy to be here for the first time because we have met with large wholesalers and distributors who are decision-makers or managers and collected their instant feedback. So far, more than 15 quality buyers from Europe, Southeast Asia and the US have bought our samples and we believe many of them will place orders after checking the quality of our products.”
Goh Sian Ee, Managing Director, Prufen Pte Ltd, Singapore
“Established in December 2014, we have developed 150 models of all-in-one world adaptors and country-to-country adaptors under our q2power brand and obtained eight patents. This is our second year at the Spring Electronics Fair. We collected 400 new sales leads at last year’s Spring Electronics Fair and another 280 new contacts at last year’s Autumn Electronics Fair. It is important for us to maintain our presence at the Electronics Fair in order to establish buyer confidence in our company and introduce our unique adaptors to international buyers. At this year’s Spring Electronics Fair, a lot of buyers from Asia, Europe, South Africa, South America and the US are interested in our adaptors because the green colour of our products looks very attractive and all of our products comply with the highest international standards. At least five serious buyers from Hong Kong, Germany, Indonesia and the US may become our distributors.”
Hansjörg Wittwer, CEO & Partner, Q2Power AG, Liechtenstein

Buying In! See What Buyers Say
iaccessories onsite photo
“catchoftheday.com.au is the biggest e-commerce company in Australia, selling all kinds of consumer products. Electronics products now account for 20 per cent of our etailing business and we hope to expand our business in this segment. This is my first time visiting the Spring Electronics Fair, but I have visited the Autumn Electronics Fair twice before. I think that the Spring Electronics Fair provides a good timing for me to source tech products for Christmas and New Year. The quality of tech products on offer here is much better now. So far, I have identified four to five potential suppliers of DAB radios, Bluetooth speakers and headphones, security cameras and VR gadgets. I plan to buy US$500,000 worth of tech products through the Spring Electronics Fair. It takes about four to six weeks for our team to check the quality of samples and prices before we can finalise our orders.”
Bill Katis, Buyer – Technology, Catch Of The Day, Australia
“Artwork Photo operates a shop in Hungary, selling all kinds of photographic supplies from photographic equipment and lenses to related accessories. We are also a wholesaler of smart phone accessories. This is my first time visiting the Spring Electronics Fair to look for photographic supplies and smart phone accessories. The Spring Electronics Fair is a professional trade event where I can find photographic supplies and smart phone accessories that come with nice quality and good prices. It’s important for me to find unique products and I am happy that I have found wireless phone chargers which are new to my customers. Up till now, I have found five new suppliers of photographic equipment and accessories and one interesting supplier of wireless phone chargers. I am going to buy US$10,000 worth of camera stands and wireless phone chargers after the fair.”
Geréb Zsolt, Owner, Artwork Photo Kft., Hungary

As businesses across all industries continue to navigate an increasingly competitive world, every advantage is crucial to sustained success. The International ICT Expo is the premier regional event for advanced ICT products and solutions that promote efficiency and a competitive edge. As one of the signature events of the “International ICT Fest 2017”, the Expo is a one-stop platform that showcases the latest cutting-edge ICT ideas from 600 leading international exhibitors.

The Expo’s events are organised by hot industry topics to feature different themes:
• Disruptive Technology (15 April)
• Career Development (16 April)
This year’s Expo continues to feature the SME IT Clinic, where experts from Alibaba, Google Premier Partner and hktdc.com offer complimentary professional consultation services on-site to help SMEs select suitable ICT systems and solutions to enhance business efficiency.

Disruptive Technology
As prominent growth of startups and definitive ideas continue around the world, the Hong Kong government is making the city an increasingly lucrative destination for the next generation of startups. Apart from iStartup@HK Pavilion by OGCIO, participation of startup groups continue to show enthusiasm in demonstrating disruptive technologies in the world of SMEs.
Cyberport Hong Kong Science & Technology Park
iR-Furniture is equipped with real time mobile app, can automatically track movement of RFID-tag products, enables retailers to analyse consumer behavior, so as to improve customer experience and enhance operational efficiency.
Boxland Hong Kong Limited
Booth: 3F-E04
Convene Paperless Meeting Solution
Enable users to collaborate and conduct meetings efficiently using the latest portable devices.
Ajuice Limited
Booth: 3F-E04
Impact Hub Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
A market research startup that provides decision-making platform to both consumers and brands. User can ask various questions to gather opinion via the platform.
Votee Limited
Booth: 3CON-224
The first portal for user-generated local 3D maps from drone photographs
Everest Innovation Technology Limited
Booth: 3G-C07

Highlighted Theme Zones
Structure and Efficiency Makes or Breaks any Business:
Navigate your way through the competitive business world with expert displays at the Enterprise Solutions zone and the Digital Infrastructure zone.

Enterprise Solutions
enterprises solution onsite photo
Artificial Intelligence Concierge
Accosys Limited
Booth: 3F-F04
Custom-Made Software Development
UBK s.r.o.
Booth: 3F-E30
Digital Infrastructure
Eware Networks Limited
Booth: 3F-E15
TX Fanless Series (Multi-LAN) Barebone Industrial Computer
Tom Electronic Technology Limited
Booth: 3F-D26

International Participation
The world is getting smaller and smaller each day! The Expo is a great example of international collaboration with great support from leading groups in Canada, the Chinese mainland and India.

india onsite photo
India’s ICT companies are out in force again to showcase their capability and strength at the International ICT Expo this year. According to C.S. Rawat, Trade Promotion Officer, Electronics and Computer Software Export Promotion Council of India, the government-sponsored trade promotion body strives to promote and diversify India’s electronics and ICT trade. To help India’s ICT companies extend presence in the global market, it has brought together 22 companies from India engaged in a variety of activities from software development to mobile apps, security and other customised solutions.

ERP Solutions
Cyber Infrastructure (P) Limited
Booth: 3G-F14
VMukti Transcoder
VMukti Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Booth: 3G-F13
Chinese mainland
home-grown onsite photo
BPO Service
Qingdao Software Park Development Co., Ltd.
Booth: 3G-G01
Big Data Service
Booth: 3G-E02

Feedback Corner: See What Exhibitors Say
“In business for about seven years, Clavax Technologies is a leading IT company providing a variety of solutions for IOTs, big data, healthcare, real estate, web and mobile app development. With headquarters in USA, we operate our software development centre in India. This is our first presence at the International ICT Expo to find new opportunities in the region. We are seeking cooperation with companies who want to extend their IT needs. A number of serious customers from different places including Hong Kong, the Chinese mainland, Italy and Azerbaijan have approached us at the Expo. Further talks will be held with them to conclude business collaboration. This is an amazing fair and everything has been well managed. We will definitely participate in the Expo again and look forward to developing our business through this valuable platform.”
Gaurav Kr. Sharma (right), Business Development Manager, Clavax Technologies Pvt. Ltd., India
“We are making our debut at the International ICT Expo to promote our electronic healthcare record platform ‘acesobee.’ This one-stop platform helps patients and their families to consolidate relevant medical information to enhance personal care and patient relationship management. We won the Best ICT Startup Gold Award at the Hong Kong ICT Awards 2017. The ‘acesobee’ system has been well received since its launch at the end of 2016. Our existing customers include NGOs and an educational institute. This Expo offers a great chance for us to promote our service to more customers. Some local NGOs and caring centres have made serious enquiries and we look forward to negotiating further with them for cooperation. Some ICT companies showcasing their services at the Expo have also come to explore collaboration with us. This is really a good place to raise our profile. The results are very encouraging.”
Albert Au, Founder, acesobee Limited, Hong Kong

Buying In! See What Buyers Say
“Our company is one of the largest IT service providers in UAE offering a wide range of system integration and technology solutions including cloud-based projects and cyber security initiatives. We also support the implementation of large-scaled government projects for different applications such as education, healthcare, oil and gas as well as engineering services. I am visiting International ICT Expo to find suitable technology and solution providers. So far, I have identified five potential partners from the Chinese mainland, Taiwan and India in relation to 3D printing, cyber security, mobile applications, healthcare solution and software development. We will discuss further with them to work together for new projects in the pipeline. Subject to successful negotiation, the total value of potential projects we anticipate to undertake in the coming year will be up to US$3 million. The Expo is getting bigger in scale with more exhibitors. I will visit the fair again”
Feras Al-Jabi, General Manager, ITQAN Global for Digital Cloud Systems, UAE
“Hanshin is a leading department store operator in Taiwan’s Kaohsiung City currently operating two major stores. The flagship store has been in operation for 22 years while the other store Hanshin Arena Shopping Plaza will celebrate its 10th anniversary this year. This is my first visit to the HKTDC International ICT Expo to find ICT and e-commerce solutions to improve our business operation. We are studying plans to enhance our e-commerce and online shopping business. The Expo features some companies providing software and solutions that may be suitable to support our e-commerce development. I have met with several exhibitors from India. One of them offers an interesting solution and I will discuss with our IT staff in Taiwan to explore cooperation with them. I also took the chance to visit the Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition) and found two potential gift items to give away to customers shopping in our department stores. They include a set of well-designed Bluetooth speakers and a multi-functional charger for travelling purpose. This trip is very rewarding. I hope to visit the Expo again.”
Amanda Yuan, Manager, Marketing Department, Hanshin Development Co., Ltd., Taiwan

Event Snapshots on 14 April
Tech Startups Mentoring with Incu-Lab

Startup, Smart Launch Series
Presented by Impact Hub

Presented by HKSTP

Acquaintance Enterprises Ltd Animae Technologies Limited

Film Players Limited Pacific Telecom & Navigation Ltd

Zunosaki Limited

Presented by Cyberport

FinLink VOID

Tech Startups from iStartup@HK Pavilion

Cinetech Technology Group HK Ltd Dragon Law

Recipio Limited

Presented by Startups

Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund Presents: Hong Kong Startup Investment Landscape

BeFast.TV: Video Content as a Part of Digital Marketing Strategy

Joint Media Breakfast Meeting
International journalists, industry representatives, exhibitors and fair organiser had a fruitful start of the day exchanging thoughts on the latest development of the electronics and ICT industries.

Dr. C.H. Ng , Chairman of The Hong Kong Electronic Industries Association  

Running Robots! Robots with Balls

2017 Tech Symposium "Smart Home, Wise Living"

Dr Edward Chan, Managing Director, German Pool (Hong Kong) Limited Dr Gabriel Y. L. Tong, Founder, TOTEX; also Founder, IDMA (Innovation and Design Management Association)

Mr Yau Wing Fung Edmond, Executive Director, Koln 3D Technology (Medical) Limited  

2017 Tech Trends Symposium – “VR, AR & MR”

Mr Cao Ou, Marketing Manager, Intel Mr Philippe Gerard, Business Development Director, JetOne Motion (Hong Kong)

Mr Marek Marchlewicz, Evangelist, Unity Technologies China Mr Lionel Chok, Creative Technologist, iMMERSiVELY; Features Contributor in VR for Forbes Asia

Buyers’ Forum: Market Potential along Belt and Road

Korea Pavilion Product Demo & Launch Pad

Product Demo & Launch Pad by TEEMA

Dongguan Pavilion Product Demo & Launch Pad

Exhibitors' Forum [SimplyCast Interactive Marketing Limited] in ICT

Hong Kong ICT Awards Sharing Sessions by OGCIO
Best ICT Startup Award  
Best Mobile Apps Award Sharing  

“The Vitamins on Startups”
Jean Wong, Deputy Chief Editor, PCM Alex Cheng, Partners, CatalystBuilder

“How Successfully Build your Startup with e-Commerce Platform?” by Alibaba

Ms Ruby Mak, Senior Account Manager, Alibaba.com Hong Kong Limited Mr Jason Wai, Founder, Infantry Co. Ltd

Special Gift for Buyers
Collect the 1st stamp at the “Visitor Promotion Counter” (inside Hall 3FG) of ICT Expo and collect the 2nd stamp at the “Visitor Promotion Counter” (inside Hall 5E) of Electronics Fair (Spring Edition) to redeem a “Trendy Fitness Watch”. Trade buyers must visit BOTH counters in person with the buyer badge, business card and this eDM to redeem the souvenir*.
Buyers who visit the above 2 fairs during 15-16 April can redeem ONE additional souvenir of “inflatable sofa”*.

* Terms & conditions apply. Souvenirs are available on a first-come-first-served basis while stock lasts. Any hand-written business card is not acceptable. Each person is only entitled to redeem once. Exhibitor is not eligible to any of these promotions. Souvenirs cannot be redeemed in conjunction with other HKTDC promotions. Souvenir photos are for reference only. In case of any dispute, the decision of HKTDC shall be final and binding.

Enter the Lucky Draw and Win Your iPhone 7 Plus!
Lucky draws will be conducted 2 times on each of the fair day of 14 and 15 April 2017 in each Fair. Buyers of these 2 fairs can simply take a lucky draw ticket from the promoters at the fairground and drop it together with your business card into the Lucky Draw Box at the designated locations to win the fabulous prizes!

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