Experience a world-class technological showcase from over 3,500 electronics & ICT suppliers collected in Wan Chai, Hong Kong

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Asia's largest electronics marketplace

13-16 April 2017
Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

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Open Circuit! Asia’s Leading Electronics & ICT Fairs Commence on a High Note
Welcome to a vast display of technological marvels and ICT expertise as the HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition) and the concurrent HKTDC International ICT Expo opened yesterday at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC). Collecting the finest products and solutions from over 3,500 global exhibitors, the dual event is Asia’s largest of its kind and a one-stop platform for technology, groundbreaking ideas and innovation that will define the way we live and how we conduct business across the world.

Start Up the Ideas @ Startup Zone (Halls 3F-G Concourse)
start up onsite photo
The new Startup zone is where bright ideas become lasting solutions. Collecting new revolutionary concepts from over 100 tech startups based in Hong Kong, the Chinese mainland, India, Japan, Taiwan and the United States, the zone takes investors, buyers and manufacturers on a journey of innovation and breakthroughs in Apps, AR/VR, Big Data, Consumer Tech, E-Commerce, Healthcare, IoT and IT Services. Come and experience the technological foundation of our future at the Startup zone!

Startups on IoT
A multifunctional in-vehicle diagnostic and monitoring Android device that turns a regular car into a smart car
UonMap International Limited
Booth: 3CON-208
Small White Intelligent Robot
With the built-in infrared emitters, the Robot allows users to control home appliances using mobile apps or voice control
Shenzhen Qianhai Pengyuan Information Technology Co., Ltd
Booth: 3CON-210
Wireless Communication System for Lighting Solutions
The system enables the operation of a lighting fixture equipped with the wireless module from mobile equipment, via the main controller installed on a Linux microcomputer and wireless module
A-Sum Technology, LLC
Booth: 3CON-225

Korea Institute of Startup & Entrepreneurship Development (KISED)
KISED takes its debut by setting pavilion at the Fair to promote technological innovations of next-gen startups from Korea.
kised onsite photo

MediAlarm S
Alarm users at time of medication and notify guardian if medicine not taken experiences with AI
IOTeen Co., Ltd
Booth: 3G-A32
World’s first subtitle service for VR video streaming
Booth: 3G-A28

Booth: 3G-B27
An online auction platform for kidult
Booth: 3G-B29

iStartup@HK Pavilion
The iStartup@HK Pavilion was developed by the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) to provide an effective new channel for tech startups to contact and network with potential investors and the market at large.
start up onsite photo

Powerful bio-sensing solution to capture health data from pets, with artificial intelligence technologies it could bring actionable insights right to the fingertips of pet owners on pets’ well-being
aniWEAR Co., Ltd.
Booth: 3CON-240
Offering “Shopping Rewards, Offers Reservation, Warranty All-in-One, Shopins in a mobile app offering a one-stop and immediate loyalty, customer services and marketing solution at a very affordable subscription fee
Shopins Limited
Booth: 3CON-240
See More Startups

Related Events (14 April)
Venue: Innovation Hub, Startup Zone, Halls 3F-G Concourse

Startup, Smart Launch Series
10:30am – 11am - Presented by Impact Hub
11am – 12:30pm - Startups
2pm – 2:30pm – Presented by HKSTP
2:30pm – 3pm – Presented by Cyberport
3pm – 3:30pm – Presented by Tech Startups from iStartup@HK Pavilion
Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund Presents: Hong Kong Startup Investment Landscape
Time: 4pm – 4:45pm
BeFast.TV: Video Content as a Part of Digital Marketing Strategy
Time: 5pm – 5:45pm

Full List of Startup Events

Feedback Corner: See What Investor Say
"The startup ecosystem in Hong Kong has been growing vigorously over the years. Apart from local startups, a lot of overseas startups are moving into Hong Kong to explore business opportunities in this part of the world. With HKTDC’s dedicated efforts over the decades, Hong Kong has emerged as a major trading platform for all kinds of businesses. HIKTDC is also making more efforts in matching investors with business startups. International ICT Expo serves as an excellent place to bring startups and investors together to explore growth through a win-win strategy. We have witnessed increased interest in the Expo’s Startup zone. On the first day of exhibition at this year’s Expo, we have brought together over 20 angel investors here to listen to presentations by various startups at the “Tech Startups: Pitch, Mix & Match” session. The session has got some strong responses. The prospect of business startups in Hong Kong is very positive and those specialising in fintech, smart city and health-related solutions are likely to draw keener interest from investors. Hong Kong is the right place for investors looking for technology startups, and more Chinese mainland investors are coming here to find opportunities. The Startup zone is getting more exciting this year with a lot of activities coming into play to gain exposure. This is a very encouraging development."
Dr Samson Tam, Chairman, Hong Kong Business Angel Network, Hong Kong

Insights from Media Expert
Hong Kong Electronics Fair Attention to Startups is a Game Changer

As a first-time visitor to the Hong Kong Electronic Fair, there is a lot of familiarity in the air. Expansive floors filled with gadgets, big flashy booths with the latest tech, and people anxious to get their hands on state-of-the-art technology that might be making its first worldwide appearance.

While all these ideas feel somewhat familiar to the many tech shows put on around the world, there is one fundamental difference setting this show apart from the rest -- a focus on startups. The new Startup zone enables startups to get in direct contact with manufacturers, distributors, buyers, and the press. Hong Kong Electronics Fair even highlighted startups with a speed-dating-esque pitch session that gave Hong Kong local startups the opportunity to show off their tech to a panel of influential Hong Kong press members.

One small idea like this panel is something that could make waves in an industry eager for new ideas.

While, the Hong Kong Electronic Fair has all the nuts and bolts of a traditional show -- IoT, drones, wearables, connected home, and a few hover boards -- it is their insight and ability to execute on forward-thinking trends that help accelerate them to the next level.
Patrick McCarthy, Editor, Dealerscope Magazine (USA)

hall of fame onsite photo
Consumers today are hugely fascinated by the field of electronics, with exciting new technologies, breakthroughs and possibilities emerging every day. As Asia’s largest spring electronics event, the Spring Electronics Fair is a leading platform that showcases over 2,900 global exhibitors as they present the next wave of Apps, smart appliances and everything in between, changing the way we live in the process.

Featured Products
WEEDO Bella Food 3D Printer
Chung Lup Packing & Stationery Co Ltd
Booth: 5B-F04
Waterproof Swimming Heart Rate Fitness
Shenzhen Orebo Technologies Ltd
Booth: 5G-B05
SXDD-6200A Double-Din Android Car Multimedia Player
Superior Sound Car Audio Factory Limited
Booth: 3D-E23
Z-Wave Based IR Transceiver
EKA (HongKong) Industrial Limited
Booth: 1D-A08
Pro Trimmer
DIXIX International Ltd
Booths: 1B-A08, ED-TSO
Electric Skateboard
Koofy Development Limited
Booth: 5F-G32

Find Tech-Savvy Products @ Tech Hall (Halls 5F-G)
Don’t miss a first-hand look at the next generation of technology at the Tech Hall at Halls 5F-G, featuring four themed zones including Virtual Reality zone , Connected Home zone, Robotics & Unmanned Tech zone and the Wearable Electronics zone.

Wearable Electronics Zone
Technology on-the-go! The Wearable Electronics zone features devices and gadgets that accompany you on your travels with smart watches, wristbands and others monitoring health and sports performance for today’s mobile consumers.
Smart Watch
Shenzhen READ Chronometer Watch Co., Ltd
Booth: 5G-D01
Chronograph Watches
Ching Chi Industrial Company Limited
Booth: 5G-C05
Swimming Watch
Senlam Technology Limited
Booth: 5G-C01
Safety Companion - Bluetooth-Enabled Personal Emergency Notification Alarm Device
Booth: 5G-D11
What’s On – 14 Apr (Fri)
Running Robots!
Robots with Balls!

Venue: Grand Hall Stage, 3/F
11am -12nn
Buyers’ Forum: Market Potential along Belt and Road
Venue: Product Launch Area, Hall 1A
11am – 1pm
Best ICT Startup Award Sharing- by OGCIO
Venue: ICT Award Pavilion
11am - 2pm
2017 Tech Trends Symposium – “Smart Home, Wise Living”
Venue: Seminar Room, Halls 3F-G
11:30am -1pm
“The Vitamins on Startups”
Venue: Product Launch Area, Hall 1A
2pm – 2:30pm
Korea Pavilion Product Demo & Launch Pad
Venue: Product Launch Area, Hall 1A
2pm – 4pm
“How Successfully Build your Startup with e-Commerce Platform?”
Venue: Seminar Room, Halls 3F-G
2pm – 2:30pm
Product Demo & Launch Pad by TEEMA
Venue: Product Launch Area, Hall 1A
3pm – 5pm
Best Mobile Apps Award Sharing - by OGCIO
Venue: ICT Award Pavilion
3pm – 5:30pm
2017 Tech Trends Symposium – “VR, AR & MR”
Venue: Seminar Room, Halls 5F-G

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More Event:

Opening Hours

14-15 Apr (Fri-Sat):

9:30am - 6:30pm

16 Apr (Sun):
9:30am - 5pm

Buyer Registration Hours

14-15 Apr (Fri-Sat):
9am - 6pm

16 Apr (Sun):
9am - 3:30pm
Consumer Technology Product Display @
Hall 1E Entrance

Related Events:
2017 Tech Trends Symposium

A glimpse into the future of robotics
As technology continues to soar across the world, advanced robotics will become a larger part of our daily lives. Experience a snapshot of tomorrow’s robot companions with an exhibition series at Grand Hall Stage (3/F) as next-gen robots engage with visitors in games, a humanised robot Q&A session and, of course, a performance featuring the authentic version of the famous robot dance step!

Running Robots! Robots with Balls
Date: 14 Apr
Time: 10:30am – 11:00am
Venue: Grand Hall Stage, 3/F

Take a break from the world around you with an immersive, interactive VR experience in Hall 5G!
intel onsite photo In collaboration with:

How’s this for in-flight entertainment? See next-gen drones in action!
Experience the drones in action at 5F-G08!

Acclaimed Brands @ Hall of Fame (Hall 1)
hall of fame onsite photo
These are the companies that lead the technological change into the next century and beyond! The Hall of Fame exhibits over 570 top-tier brands in the world of electronics including Bigben, Desay, HKC, Hubble, Intel, Motorola, Polaroid, and many more.
Chang Yue Ind'l Corp
Booth: 1B-A22
Dynasty Home Appliance & Technology Co., Ltd.
Booth: 1B-C18
The Bourgini Company B.V.
Booth: 1B-C02
Cixi Aunick Electronics Co Ltd
Booth: 1B-D19
Comefresh Electronic Industry Co., Limited
Booths: 1B-F06, 3C-A22
Ningbo Boloni Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd
Booth: 1B-B19

Highlighted Theme Zones
Even with so much to see, navigation of the fairground is a breeze with many different zones, themed displays and categories on offer. All of your professional requirements and networking opportunities are organised in easy-to-find zones to accommodate your every business need.

3D Printing @ Halls 5B-C
3d printing onsite photo
3D Printing Stratasys Fortus 380mc FDM 3D Printer
3D Printing Technology (Hong Kong) Company Limited
Booth: 5B-E04
product Sunlu 2016 Pla Filament Refills Cheap 3D Printer FDM
Zhuhai Sunlu Industrial Co.,Ltd
Booth: 5C-A06
IDUINO 3D Printer
Open Smart Technology Limited
Booth: 5B-F02
Audio Visual Products @ Halls 3D-E
audio visual onsite photo
Wata Acoustics Limited
Booth: 3E-C02
Cube Speaker
J Y Enterprise Limited
Booth: 3E-D12
Mirco System
BK Pride Electronics (Hong Kong) Co., Limited
Booth: 3E-B30
Electronic Accessories @ Halls 5B-E
electronic accessories onsite photo
Car Charger with Lighting
Echeers HK Company Limited
Booth: 5C-D06
LED Table Magnifying Lamp
Wishing International Limited
Booth: 5C-C18
8 Inch Electric Scooter, Self Balancing Scooter with Bluetooth Speaker and LED Light C
Shenzhen Pinsum Tech Co., Ltd.
Booth: 5E-D04
Personal Electronics @ Hall 3C
Personal Electronics onsite photo
Bluetooth Vibration Alarm
Electronics Tomorrow Limited
Booth: 3C-C02
Cube Timer
Teledex Inc.
Booth: 3C-D37
iPhone Wireless Keyboard
Huizhou Chinfai Electronic Co., Ltd.
Booth: 3C-A41
Fitness & Beauty @ Hall 5F
Fitness & Beauty onsite photo
Water Toothpick
Shenzhen Hanasco Technology Co.,Ltd
Booths: 1CON-1E, 5F-E34
Hair Straightener
Yesun Electric Company Limited
Booth: 5F-F27
IPL Hair Removal System
Easto Group Limited
Booth: 5F-F31

International Participation
See what some of the world’s technological powerhouses are up to as the Korea Pavilion and Taiwan Pavilion showcase the latest and greatest from leading tech-savvy countries and regions.

Korea Pavilion @ Hall 3C
iBeacon System
Log On Co., Ltd.
Booth: 3C-C19
ClairB Air Purifier
Atns Group Inc
Booth: 3C-B05

Related Event (14 April):
Korea Pavilion Product Demo & Launch Pad

Time:  2pm – 2:30pm
Venue: Product Launch Area, Hall 1A

Taiwan Pavilion @ Hall 5B
Wi-Fi Internet Radio
Bluetinum Group Ltd
Booth: 5B-C12
Lcd Video Baby Monitor
iModesty Technology Corp.
Booth: 5B-D07

Related Event (14 April):
Product Demo & Launch Pad by TEEMA

Time:  3pm – 4pm
Venue: Product Launch Area, Hall 1A

Feedback Corner: See What Exhibitors Say
“In business for 59 years, Binatone is the official licensee for Motorola Mobility products in the global market. We are a long-term supporter of both the spring and autumn editions of the Hong Kong Electronics Fair. At this year’s Spring Electronics Fair, we are introducing our latest products including HUGO Smart Camera and IVO Smart Viewer. HUGO Smart Camera is a home monitor designed for the entire family and it can capture users’ facial expressions and play music to create the right mood. IVO Smart Viewer performs the functions of a baby monitor, TV remote control, DECT home phone and Bluetooth speakers. Buyers are very excited because our new products are unique in the market and their pricing is affordable. We expect good responses from buyers. In fact, in the first two hours of the show, we have met with more than 20 serious buyers from the Chinese mainland, Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.”
Sat Murthi, Managing Director – Latin America, Binatone Electronics International Ltd, Hong Kong
“Beihai is an important production base for electronics products in the mid-western region on the Chinese mainland. In 2016, electronics enterprises in Beihai realised a total production value of RMB117.4 billion, with their export value reaching RMB20 billion. This is the first time that the Bureau of Commerce of Beihai Municipality has set up a pavilion at the Spring Electronics Fair to help Beihai’s electronics enterprises to develop overseas markets and increase their influence in the international market. A total of 15 electronics enterprises from Beihai are showcasing a wide range of electronics products such as mobile phones, lighting products, virtual reality (VR) devices, computers and switches. We see many buyers visiting the Beihai pavilion and buyer responses have been very good. In less than two hours after the opening of the fair, one of our LED lighting exhibitors got two onsite orders. We’ll consider setting up a pavilion at the Autumn Electronics Fair and returning to next year’s Spring Electronics Fair”
Ouyang Sifei, Director, Bureau of Commerce of Beihai Municipality, the Chinese mainland

Buying In! See What Buyers Say
“Established in 1948, Eastern Art Photo Store is a Singapore-based importer and wholesaler of electronic products and accessories as well as cameras, and serves customers not only in Singapore but also in Bangladesh, India, Indonesia and Sri Lanka. I visit both the Spring Electronics Fair and Autumn Electronics Fair almost every year to meet my business needs. Due to shorter product life cycle, I always need to add new products and the electronics fairs in Hong Kong provide good opportunities for me to feel and touch the latest products and see what’s new in the electronics industry. So far, I have found five potential suppliers of true wireless system headsets and new accessories for smart devices from the Chinese mainland. My trial order quantity is 100 pieces. If the products are good and sellable, I’ll buy more.”
Roger Ng, General Manager, Eastern Art Photo Store, Singapore
“We are an importer and wholesaler of LED lighting products, green solutions, inverters and electronic components in Mexico. This is our first time visiting both the Spring Electronics Fair and ICT Expo. At the two shows, we are particularly looking for LED lighting products, pure sine inverters and mobile apps. So far, we have found interesting mobile apps and will look for more new products in the next three days. We like the two shows because we can see a lot of products and a lot of suppliers and exchange information with suppliers. We enjoy attending seminars which keep us abreast of the latest developments in the electronics industry. We’ll also visit the Autumn Electronics Fair to be held in October.”
Alejandro Marrón, Partner, Kunmex Sa De Cv, Mexico

As one of the signature events of “International IT Fest 2017”, the International ICT Expo is the premier regional event showcasing advanced ICT products and solutions from 600 exhibitors around the world. This one-stop platform for leading enterprises across all industries will uncover ideal solutions that enhance business efficiency and competitiveness in an increasingly challenging world.
The Expo’s events are organised by hot industry topics to feature different themes:
• Startup (14 April)
• Disruptive Technology (15 April)
• Career Development (16 April)
This year’s Expo continues to feature the SME IT Clinic, where experts from Alibaba, Google Premier Partner and hktdc.com offer complimentary professional consultation services on-site to help SMEs select suitable ICT systems and solutions to enhance business efficiency.

Hong Kong ICT Awards Pavilion
onsite photo

Winning entries of the “Hong Kong ICT Awards 2017” are presented where outstanding ICT inventions and applications of local ICT talents are recognised. Daily sharing sessions from award winners will be held at the Pavilion. Find out more

“Best ICT Startup Award” Winners:
Category Award Organisation/ Winner
Best ICT Startup Grand Everyware Ltd.
Software & Apps Gold Everyware Ltd.
Silver Apostrophe'S Co Ltd.
Bronze Holumino Ltd.
Certificate of Merit Innoplay Ltd.
Hardware & Devices Silver O-Matic Intelligent Robot Ltd.
Bronze Film Players Ltd.
Bronze Ambit Geospatial Solution Ltd.
Social Impact Gold Acesobee Ltd.
Silver Human Washer Ltd.
Bronze The Brightly Project Ltd.
“Best Mobile Apps Award” Winners:
Category Award Organisation/ Winner Title of Entry
Best Mobile Apps Grand Playnote Ltd. Scalebook
Consumer Solutions Gold Playnote Ltd. Scalebook
Silver HKTaxi App Ltd. HKTaxi - Taxi Hailing App in Hong Kong
Bronze Inspirit Studio Ltd. Anyway
Enterprise Solutions Gold Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company Ltd. (HAECO) HAECO Mobile – Line Services
Silver Visionaries 777 Ltd. JEB Furniture
Bronze DPM Sleep Solution Ltd. / VTL-Solutions Ltd. DPM Pillow Selector
Marketing Campaign Silver Innopage Ltd. Foodbulous
Awards Sharing Sessions (14 April)
Time Topic
11 am – 1pm Best ICT Startup Award Sharing
3pm – 5pm Best Mobile Apps Award Sharing
More sharing session schedule

Highlighted Theme Zones
A diverse professional landscape demands an equally diverse Expo ground! With a variety of different industries and themes represented, everything you need is collected in our many different zones across the event space.

Home-grown Innovations
There’s no place like home: See the best in development from Hong Kong-based companies.
home-grown onsite photo
Intelligent Bio-Disc Platform
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Booth: 3G-B04
Cloud QR Sticker: A Cost-Effective Solution for Lost & Found!
dEYEy InnoTech Limited
Booth: 3CON-240
Smart Devices & Accessories
smart devices onsite photo
Water Proof Mobile Devices
Shenzhen Socoole Technology Co., Ltd.
Booth: 3F-C21
Open Air Photo Booth
Guangzhou Ebayar International Industrial Co., Ltd.
Booth: 3F-G33
Healthcare Tech
Acesobee Limited
Booth: 3CON-240; 3F-E04
Feeding Bottle Sterilizer
Huijia Health Life Technology Co., Ltd.
Booth: 3F-F15

Highlighted Events

Feedback Corner: See What Exhibitors Say
“Founded in 2015, I AM A MODEL operates a unique commerce and marketing platform Style Seller in Korea that allows subscribers to sell brand name products by uploading everyday photos on our website. Subscribers will earn money when the products featured in their photos are subsequently sold through our platform. Style Steller has currently over 40,000 subscribers in Korea selling primarily fashion products and accessories. We are broadening our product categories and expanding our service to overseas markets. This is our first exhibition at the HKTDC International ICT Expo to find partners to promote our platform and launch our service in Hong Kong. We are very excited to have found strong responses here and some companies from Hong Kong and Malaysia have already expressed interest in our service on the first day of exhibition. We will discuss further with them to explore cooperation. The Expo has drummed up a lot of interest and we are glad to be here growing our business.”
SungKoog Ahn, CEO, I AM A MODEL, Korea
“Acquaintance Enterprises is a fast-growing technology startup established in 2015, specialising in logistics-centric web application and mobile apps research and development. Our 36Link one-stop solution for the B2B trucking logistics industry was launched three months ago. So far, over 100 logistics companies in Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland have established business relationships with us, using our cloud-based platform to improve efficiency and productivity through better order and workflow management. We expect to grow the customer base to 600 companies by the end of the year. As part of expansion drive, this is our debut exhibition at the International ICT Expo. The response has been very positive. We have already got in touch with some potential customers from Singapore and the Chinese mainland. The ‘Belt and Road’ strategy is spurring trading activities throughout the region, thus creating new opportunities for our 36Link service. The Expo offers an excellent place to raise our profile and promote our service to different customers.”
Felix Wong, Co-Founder, Acquaintance Enterprises Limited, Hong Kong

Buying In! See What Buyers Say
“Liqun Group is the largest department store operator in the Chinese mainland’s Qingdao currently running over 50 stores across Shandong Province. We are actively expanding our online shopping business to cope with further development. That’s why we are visiting the International ICT Expo for the first time to find capable service providers for better online operational efficiency. We are especially keen to explore cooperation in relation to big data analysis to improve customer profile and workflow management. So far, I have met with five ICT companies from Hong Kong providing varied services such as mobile workflow solution, process management software and interactive web application. More meetings are arranged with other service providers on the second day of exhibition. I will gather all kinds of information and discuss with our IT people to build possible business with these new contacts. The Expo has a lot on offer. I am pleased to have come here to pursue collaboration opportunities.”
Liu Ze Qiang, E-Commerce Manager, Liqun Group, Chinese mainland
"Dream Division is a startup in Italy specialising in the production of action cameras and underwater cameras. Our products are mainly sold in the USA. This is our fourth-year visit to the International ICT Expo as well as Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition) to find new suppliers and business partners. We are looking for GPS and navigation-related software that can be integrated with our new action camera series to be launched next year. We are currently discussing with a solution provider we found at the booths occupied by Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation at the Expo. We hope to develop collaboration to enrich the features of our new product line. We come here every year to keep us abreast of the latest technologies and industry trends. This is a good place to find everything from consumer electronics, electronic components and ICT products.”

Massimiliano Santoni (right), Owner, Dream Division S.A.S. Di Santoni M, Italy
Event Snapshots on 13 April
Helloreporter Media Pitch Day – Tech Startups on the Rise
Lend me your ear! Distinguished media outlets hear (and judge) pitches and new ideas from tech startups.

HK01, HKEJ StartupBeat, SCMP, Oriental Daily were invited as media judges for the media pitching event

Tech Startups – Pitch, Mix and Match (Jointly organised with Hong Kong Business Angels Network)

Tech Startups Mentoring with Incu-Lab (Session I)

iRobot & iFuture – Dancing, Games and Q&A with Robots

2017 Tech Symposium "The Next Big Thing in Wearables"
Candy Gao, Regional Director, Fitbit Kow Ping, Director & Co-founder, Well Being Digital Limited
Zijian Zheng, Associate Professor, the Institute of Textiles and Clothing, PolyU Prof Vincent Cheung, Associate Professor, School of Biomedical Sciences, CUHK

Networking Luncheon

Buyers’ Forum: Market Potential in Emerging Markets

Pablo Romano, President, MAS SINERGIA (Argentina) Jeferson Pulz, Director of Innovation, Customic (Brazil)

Buyer’s Forum: Amazon Voice-first Design and Alexa Voice Service for ODM/OEM Connected Products

Travis Grizzel, Alexa Solutions Architect, Amazon (The US)

Beihai Product Demo & Launch Pad

Memorandum of Understanding Signing Ceremony Hong Kong Trade Development Council and The Science and Technology Innovation Commission of Shenzhen Municipality

Forum on “Everything You Need to Know about the Hong Kong FinTech Ecosystem”
Adrian Seto Director, FinTech Innovation Asia-Pacific Steve Tsu-Wei Yang, Partner and Director, Privé Services Ltd

SMEs and ITs Business Matching <Retail Industry>
Colin Lee, Senior Manager (Innovation and Technology Fund), ITC Jimmy Chim, Representative of The Secretariat of ReTAAS

Exporters O2O Strategy: Be Found and Get Chosen
Mandy Law, Channel Partnerships, Google Hong Kong Kimmie Wong, Manager, Trade and Industry Department, HKSARG
Raymond Yeung, Senior Sales Manager, Publications & E-Commerce Department, HKTDC Sandy Ho, Chief Executive Officer, New iMedia Solutions Ltd

Hong Kong ICT Awards Sharing Sessions

Best Business Solutions Award Sharing Best FinTech Award Sharing

Special Gift for Buyers
Collect the 1st stamp at the “Visitor Promotion Counter” (inside Hall 3FG) of ICT Expo and collect the 2nd stamp at the “Visitor Promotion Counter” (inside Hall 5E) of Electronics Fair (Spring Edition) to redeem a “Trendy Fitness Watch”. Trade buyers must visit BOTH counters in person with the buyer badge, business card and this eDM to redeem the souvenir*.
Buyers who visit the above 2 fairs during 15-16 April can redeem ONE additional souvenir of “inflatable sofa”*.

* Terms & conditions apply. Souvenirs are available on a first-come-first-served basis while stock lasts. Any hand-written business card is not acceptable. Each person is only entitled to redeem once. Exhibitor is not eligible to any of these promotions. Souvenirs cannot be redeemed in conjunction with other HKTDC promotions. Souvenir photos are for reference only. In case of any dispute, the decision of HKTDC shall be final and binding.

Enter the Lucky Draw and Win Your iPhone 7 Plus!
Lucky draws will be conducted 2 times on each of the fair day of 14 and 15 April 2017 in each Fair. Buyers of these 2 fairs can simply take a lucky draw ticket from the promoters at the fairground and drop it together with your business card into the Lucky Draw Box at the designated locations to win the fabulous prizes!

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